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Hey there, fellow Volkswagen enthusiast! Are you in search of a reliable and trustworthy Volkswagen dealership in Columbus? Look no further! We’ve got just what you need. Whether you’re in the market for a sporty GTI, a spacious Atlas, or a sleek Arteon, our dealership has a wide selection of new and used Volkswagen models to choose from.

Volkswagen Columbus Dealership

Our dealership is not only the go-to destination for Volkswagen models, but we also offer exceptional customer service and a knowledgeable team of professionals. We know that purchasing a car can be a daunting experience, which is why we go out of our way to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. So, whether you’re a first-time car buyer or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out more about what our dealership has to offer.

The History of Volkswagen Columbus

From Humble Beginnings

Volkswagen Columbus is a well-known car dealership that has become a fixture in the Columbus community. The dealership has a rich history that dates back several years. It all started when a group of local automobile enthusiasts came together and decided to start a dealership that specialized in Volkswagen vehicles. At the time, there were not many Volkswagen dealerships in the area, so there was a need for one.

The Volkswagen Columbus dealership started small, with only a handful of employees and a few vehicles. However, it quickly gained a reputation for offering competitive prices, exceptional customer service, and quality Volkswagen vehicles. This reputation helped the dealership grow, and it wasn’t long before Volkswagen Columbus became one of the most popular dealerships in the area.

Expanding to Meet Demands

As the popularity of Volkswagen vehicles continued to grow, so did the demand for them. Volkswagen Columbus was quick to respond, expanding its operations to meet the needs of its customers. The dealership increased its inventory, added new services, and hired additional staff members to ensure that customers received the attention and care they deserved.

One of the reasons Volkswagen Columbus was able to expand so quickly was due to its commitment to innovation. The dealership was the first in the area to utilize new technologies and marketing techniques that helped it stand out from its competitors. By staying ahead of the curve, Volkswagen Columbus was able to provide its customers with the latest and greatest in Volkswagen vehicles and services.

A Legacy of Trust

Today, Volkswagen Columbus is one of the largest and most trusted dealerships in the area. Its success is due in no small part to the legacy of trust it has built with its customers over the years. The dealership has a reputation for being honest, reliable, and transparent in all its dealings. This legacy of trust has helped Volkswagen Columbus build a loyal customer base that trusts the dealership to provide them with the best possible service.

Another reason for Volkswagen Columbus’ success is its commitment to exceptional customer service. From the moment customers walk through the door, they are treated with respect and care. The staff members go above and beyond to ensure customers have a positive experience, whether they are buying a new vehicle, getting a routine oil change, or seeking expert advice about their Volkswagen.

In conclusion, Volkswagen Columbus is a dealership with a rich history and a commitment to providing its customers with the best possible service. From its humble beginnings to its current status as one of the largest and most trusted dealerships in the area, Volkswagen Columbus has worked hard to earn the trust of its customers. Its legacy of trust and exceptional customer service will undoubtedly help it continue to thrive for years to come.

The Best Volkswagen Cars to Buy from Volkswagen Columbus

When it comes to buying a car, choosing the right make and model can be daunting. Fortunately, Volkswagen Columbus has a range of cars to choose from that are designed to meet the needs of different drivers. Below are some of the best Volkswagen cars to buy from Volkswagen Columbus.


The Volkswagen Passat is one of the most popular models from Volkswagen Columbus, and for good reason. This car offers a sleek design, advanced technology, and unparalleled performance that makes it stand out from the competition. The Passat has a powerful engine that provides smooth acceleration and excellent fuel efficiency, making it perfect for city and highway driving.

The Passat also comes with several safety features that ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience. It has adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and a blind spot monitor that helps drivers stay aware of their surroundings while on the road. Additionally, it has a spacious interior that can comfortably seat up to five passengers, making it an excellent family car.


If you’re looking for an SUV that offers great performance, comfort, and style, the Tiguan is the perfect choice. This car has a spacious interior that offers plenty of legroom and cargo space, making it ideal for long journeys. The Tiguan also has a powerful engine that provides excellent acceleration, making driving through tricky terrain a breeze.

The Tiguan comes with a range of features that make it stand out from other SUVs in its class. This car has a panoramic sunroof, a premium sound system, and a heated steering wheel that adds to the overall comfort of the vehicle. The car also has safety features like park assist, rearview camera, and forward collision warning that make driving safer and more enjoyable.


For those who value luxury and sophistication, the Arteon is the perfect choice. This sedan offers a unique design that stands out from other cars on the road, with its tapered roofline and sculpted body. The car has a powerful engine that provides excellent acceleration, making it perfect for a thrilling driving experience.

The Arteon offers a range of features that make it a truly unforgettable driving experience. The car has an advanced infotainment system that includes an eight-inch touch screen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a navigation system. The car also has safety features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning that make driving safer and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Volkswagen Columbus offers a range of cars that cater to different driving needs, ensuring that there’s a car for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a sleek sedan, a spacious SUV, or a combination of both, Volkswagen Columbus has got you covered. So, make your way over to Volkswagen Columbus and take your pick from these fantastic cars.

Maximizing Your Volkswagen Ownership

Owning a Volkswagen vehicle is a testament to your love for quality and class. Every Volkswagen vehicle is crafted with precision and incorporates cutting-edge technology, ensuring a top-notch driving experience. As a Volkswagen owner, you want to make sure that your car stays in peak condition and gets the best care possible. Whether you’re in need of maintenance, repairs, upgrades, or financing, Volkswagen Columbus is your one-stop-shop for all things Volkswagen. In this article, we will dive into the various services and offerings made available by Volkswagen Columbus to ensure that your Volkswagen stays in tip-top condition.

Service and Repairs

Your Volkswagen is a sophisticated machine that requires expert maintenance to ensure that it runs smoothly. Volkswagen Columbus offers a range of maintenance services that are tailored to your car’s unique needs, ensuring that it receives the attention and care it deserves. From oil changes to tire rotations, brake repairs, and engine tune-ups, Volkswagen Columbus has the expertise to keep your car running at its best.

Should you experience any issues with your car, Volkswagen Columbus also provides top-quality repair services. Our highly-skilled technicians use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to diagnose and repair any problems with your car. Our repair services cover everything from electrical and mechanical repairs to major engine overhauls, ensuring that you get the best service possible.

At Volkswagen Columbus, we understand that your time is precious. That’s why we make it easy for you to schedule a service appointment remotely. Simply give us a call, and we’ll book you in for a servicing appointment promptly, ensuring that your car gets the care it needs at your convenience.

Accessories and Upgrades

At Volkswagen Columbus, we believe that your Volkswagen should be a reflection of your personality. That’s why we offer a wide range of accessories and upgrades to help you make your car unique. From alloy wheels, spoilers, and decals to specialized lighting, weather mats, and roof racks, Volkswagen Columbus has everything you need to personalize your ride.

Our expert technicians will help you select the right accessories and upgrades for your Volkswagen vehicle, ensuring that they meet your taste and preferences. With Volkswagen Columbus, you’re sure to get high-quality products that are compatible with your car, designed to enhance your driving experience.

Trade-Ins and Financing

Thinking about trading in your current Volkswagen model for a new one? Volkswagen Columbus is here to make the process as seamless as possible. Our team of experts will evaluate your car, and offer you a fair price that matches its value. This eliminates the need to go through the hassle of selling your car separately, getting you closer to acquiring your new Volkswagen model.

At Volkswagen Columbus, we also understand that buying a car is an investment. That’s why we offer a variety of financing options to help you get behind the wheel of your dream Volkswagen model. Our finance experts will work with you to find the best deal possible, explaining all the available options in detail. This way, you can make an informed decision and select a financing plan that best suits your needs.

In conclusion, Volkswagen Columbus is more than just a dealership. It’s a partner for life that keeps your Volkswagen vehicle running smoothly, helping you personalize it to suit your taste and preferences, and ensuring that upgrading to a new model is as easy as possible. With Volkswagen Columbus, you’re not just buying a car; you’re investing in a lifestyle.

Thank You for Choosing the Best Volkswagen Columbus Dealership!

Thank you for taking the time to read our article and discovering the best Volkswagen Columbus dealership near you! We hope that our insights have been helpful in your search for the perfect Volkswagen vehicle. Our team at the dealership is committed to providing you with the best customer service and ensuring that you walk out with a smile on your face.

We understand that purchasing a vehicle is a big decision, and we want to make the process as smooth as possible. Whether you are looking for a new or used Volkswagen, our dealership has a wide range of options for you to choose from. We also offer financing options to suit your budget and preferences. We invite you to visit us and test drive your dream Volkswagen vehicle today. Thank you for considering us, and we hope to see you soon!


1. What models of Volkswagen vehicles do you offer?

We offer a wide range of Volkswagen models, including the Jetta, Passat, Atlas, Tiguan, Golf, and Beetle.

2. Can I schedule a test drive online?

Yes, we have a convenient online scheduling tool for you to book a test drive. You can also call us to schedule a test drive.

3. What financing options are available?

We offer various financing options, including loans, lease, and financing promotions. Our team can assist you in finding the best option for you.

4. Do you offer Volkswagen service and repairs?

Yes, we have a state-of-the-art service center with trained technicians who can perform a wide range of services and repairs on your Volkswagen vehicle.

5. Do you offer Volkswagen accessories?

Yes, we have a range of genuine Volkswagen accessories, including floor mats, roof racks, and more. You can also order accessories online.

6. Is there a warranty on new Volkswagen vehicles?

Yes, all new Volkswagen vehicles come with a warranty. Our team can provide you with more information on the warranty.

7. Can I trade-in my current vehicle?

Yes, we accept trade-ins. You can use our online trade-in tool to get an estimate of your current vehicle’s value.

8. What are your dealership hours?

Our dealership is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 8pm, and on Sunday from 12pm to 6pm.

9. Do you offer Volkswagen specials or promotions?

Yes, we have various specials and promotions throughout the year. You can check our website or contact us for more information.

10. What sets your Volkswagen dealership apart?

Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service and ensuring that our customers have a positive experience. We also have a wide range of Volkswagen models and financing options to suit your needs.