10 Must-Have Toyota 4Runner Accessories for Adventurers

Hello adventure seekers, welcome to another exciting article that is aimed to elevate your off-road experience to the next level. If you own a Toyota 4Runner, then this is the article that will redefine your adventure and optimize your off-road experience. As a seasoned adventurer, having the right accessories onboard is paramount to ensure that you have a hassle-free wilderness exploration. The Toyota 4Runner is considered the pinnacle of off-road exploring vehicles, but unlocking its full potential requires the right accessories.

Toyota 4Runner Accessories for Adventurers

In this article, we have compiled an exclusive list of the top 10 must-have Toyota 4Runner accessories that cater to the needs of every outdoor enthusiast. Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate through the sea of accessories available in the market and help you choose the ones that cater to your specific needs. Get ready to take your Toyota 4Runner beyond the paved roads and into the wilderness with confidence, convenience, and most importantly, style.

Introduction: What are Toyota 4Runner Accessories?

If you own a Toyota 4Runner, you know that it’s a reliable and sturdy SUV that can tackle any terrain. However, if you want to take your 4Runner to the next level, you might consider customizing it with accessories.

Toyota 4Runner accessories are additional parts or components that you can add to your SUV to enhance its function, add personal style, and increase its resale value. Whether it’s for off-roading, camping, or commuting, there’s a wide range of accessories available for the 4Runner that can cater to all your needs and preferences.

Why Customize Your 4Runner?

There are several reasons why you might want to customize your 4Runner with accessories.

Firstly, accessories can enhance the functionality of your SUV. For example, if you’re an avid off-roader, you might want to add performance components like suspension systems or larger tires to improve your SUV’s ability to handle rough terrain. Alternatively, if you commute in your 4Runner, you might opt for electronic accessories like GPS navigation systems or back-up cameras to help you navigate traffic.

Secondly, accessories can also add a personal touch to your SUV. From custom grilles and light bars to unique wheel designs and decals, you can make your 4Runner stand out and reflect your personality.

Finally, customizing your 4Runner with accessories can also increase its resale value. By adding high-quality performance or electronic components, you can make your SUV more desirable to potential buyers and increase its overall market value.

Types of Accessories

There are four main types of accessories that you can add to your 4Runner: exterior, interior, performance, and electronics.

Exterior accessories are parts that are added to the outside of your SUV. These can include aftermarket bumpers, grille guards, roof racks, tow hitches, and tire carriers. Exterior accessories not only enhance the look of your 4Runner but also increase its functionality and carrying capacity.

Interior accessories are parts that are installed inside your SUV. These can include all-weather floor mats, seat covers, cargo liners, and storage solutions. Interior accessories help protect the interior of your 4Runner from wear and tear while adding extra comfort and convenience.

Performance accessories are parts that are added to increase the power and performance of your SUV. These can include high-performance air filters, exhaust systems, brake upgrades, and suspension kits. Performance accessories increase your 4Runner’s capability to handle tough terrain and improve acceleration and braking.

Electronics accessories are parts that are added to enhance the technology and entertainment features of your SUV. These can include GPS navigation systems, DVD players, back-up cameras, and remote start systems. Electronics accessories improve your 4Runner’s convenience and safety features.

Popular Brands and Manufacturers

There are many brands and manufacturers that produce high-quality accessories for the Toyota 4Runner. Here are a few popular ones:

TRD: TRD (Toyota Racing Development) produces performance and off-road accessories for Toyota vehicles, including the 4Runner. TRD parts are tested and designed specifically for Toyota vehicles and are known for their durability and performance.

WeatherTech: WeatherTech is a brand that produces interior accessories for the 4Runner, such as floor mats, cargo liners, and seat protectors. WeatherTech products are made in the USA and are known for their high-quality and durability.

Husky Liners: Husky Liners is another brand that produces interior accessories for the 4Runner, such as floor mats, cargo liners, and seat covers. Husky Liners products are made in the USA and are known for their ruggedness and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

ARB: ARB is a brand that produces off-road accessories for the 4Runner, such as bumpers, roof racks, and differential covers. ARB products are made in Australia and are known for their high-quality and functionality.

CBI: CBI is a brand that produces off-road accessories for the 4Runner, such as bumpers, rock sliders, and skid plates. CBI products are made in the USA and are known for their durability and strength.


Customizing your Toyota 4Runner with accessories is a great way to enhance its function, add personal style, and increase its resale value. From exterior and interior parts to performance and electronics accessories, there’s a wide range of products available to cater to all your needs and preferences. And with popular brands and manufacturers like TRD, WeatherTech, Husky Liners, ARB, and CBI, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality and reliable products for your SUV.

Exterior Accessories

The Toyota 4Runner is designed for the great outdoors, and what better way to enhance your adventure time than with exterior accessories? These accessories can transform your 4Runner into a mean machine, ready to tackle any obstacle with ease. Here are some of the top exterior accessories you can add to your 4Runner to take your off-road adventures to another level:

Off-Road Bumpers

If you love taking your 4Runner off the beaten path, then an off-road bumper is a must-have. Not only does an off-road bumper give your vehicle a more aggressive look, but it also adds protection to your vehicle’s front end. Off-road bumpers are constructed with high-grade steel, making them resistant to damage from trail obstacles like rocks and tree limbs. They also provide a stable platform to mount accessories such as winches, lights, and antennas.

Functionality, protection, and style are the three things you get from an off-road bumper. Functionality because it gives you more mounting options for accessories, protection because it helps safeguard your 4Runner from damage, and style because the bumper’s rugged appearance adds a killer look to your ride.

Roof Racks and Cargo Carriers

The 4Runner’s cargo space might be extensive, but if you’re going on extended trips or have a large group, you will need more space. That’s where roof racks and cargo carriers come in. These accessories increase your storage capacity, giving you room for all the gear you need for your outdoor adventure.

A roof rack is a horizontal bar fitted onto the roof of your vehicle. You can use it to carry bikes, kayaks, cargo carrriers, or anything you need to transport to your destination. A cargo carrier is a box or bag that attaches to the roof rack and provides extra storage space for all your camping supplies, outdoor gear, and luggage.

Roof racks and cargo carriers are adventure-ready because they are built to be durable, waterproof, and easy to install. Top picks for roof racks and cargo carriers include the Yakima Whispbar roof rack and the Thule Motion XT cargo carrier, both of which deliver superior storage capacity and ease of use.

Winches and Recovery Gear

Going off-road comes with its fair share of risks, and it’s always best to be prepared for anything. A winch and recovery gear are part of the essential accessories you need to ensure safety and preparedness. With these accessories, you can easily recover your vehicle from any sticky situation, be it mud, sand, or snow.

Winches come in different sizes and capacities, but the general rule is the bigger and heavier your vehicle is, the larger the winch should be. You’ll also need other recovery gear such as recovery straps, shackles, and a shovel to complete your recovery kit.

Winches and recovery gear are must-haves for any off-road enthusiast, and investing in high-quality gear such as the Smittybilt X2O Gen2 winch and ARB recovery kit ensures that you’re always prepared for any off-road situation.

In conclusion, Toyota 4Runner accessories can improve your off-road experience and make your vehicle more functional, stylish, and safe. Exterior accessories such as off-road bumpers, roof racks and cargo carriers, and winches and recovery gear are some of the top accessories you can add to your 4Runner to get the most out of your off-road adventures.

Interior Accessories

When it comes to upgrading the functionality and style of your beloved Toyota 4Runner, there’s no denying that the interior accessories are essential. Whether you’re a weekend warrior adventuring on rough terrains or a city slicker commuting to work, having the right accessories can elevate your driving experience and keep your vehicle in top condition for years to come. Here are three must-have interior accessories for your Toyota 4Runner:

All-Weather Floor Mats

One of the most common and practical accessories for any vehicle is the all-weather floor mat, and the Toyota 4Runner is no exception. These mats are designed to safeguard your vehicle from moisture, dirt, and debris, while providing a customized fit to protect the carpet or flooring underneath. They’re perfect for keeping your vehicle clean during day-to-day activities or longer trips. Several top brands make all-weather floor mats with custom-fit options, so you can ensure a perfect fit for your Toyota 4Runner. Some of the most popular brands include WeatherTech, Husky Liners, and OEM Toyota mats.

Seat Covers

When it comes to keeping your Toyota 4Runner’s interior looking sharp, nothing beats a set of stylish and protective seat covers. These accessories are especially useful if you have kids or pets, as they can protect the seats from spills, scratches, and dirt. Seat covers come with customizable options to fit your personal style and preferences. Some styles feature breathable materials that enhance your driving comfort, while others are designed to match your seats’ original style as closely as possible. They’re easy to install and a great way to keep your Toyota 4Runner’s interior in top condition for years to come.

Dash Cameras

Another essential accessory perfect for Toyota 4Runner owners is the dash camera. Dash cameras contribute to your safety by capturing footage of any accident or unexpected incidents that may occur while driving. These devices come in different sizes and brands, so you can choose what suits your needs and budget. Reliable brands for dash cameras include Garmin, BlackVue, and Viofo. When installing a dash camera, it’s crucial to ensure proper placement to get a clear view of the road and reduce any potential distractions while driving.

When it comes to upgrading your Toyota 4Runner’s interior, you can’t go wrong with these top three accessories. Not only do they provide added protection and comfort, but they also enhance the functionality of your vehicle. Keeping your Toyota 4Runner in top condition has never been easier!

Performance Accessories

Toyota 4Runner is a great vehicle that is known for its incredible power and performance. If you’re looking for a way to take your 4Runner’s performance to the next level, there are several performance accessories that you can consider. In this article, we take a closer look at three popular performance accessories for Toyota 4Runner – cold air intake systems, cat-back exhaust systems, and performance chips and tuners. Let’s dive in.

Cold Air Intake Systems

If you want to boost your Toyota 4Runner’s power and efficiency, a cold air intake system is an excellent choice. It works by increasing the amount of cold air that flows into the engine, which in turn improves combustion efficiency, increases horsepower, and boosts acceleration. This type of performance accessory also has the added benefit of improving fuel efficiency by allowing the engine to run more efficiently.

When shopping for cold air intake systems, it’s important to choose a brand that’s well-known for quality and performance. Popular brands include K&N, Injen, and Volant. These brands have a reputation for making high-quality products that deliver on their promises.

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

If you’re looking for an accessory that enhances your Toyota 4Runner’s sound and overall performance, a cat-back exhaust system is a great option. This type of exhaust system replaces the stock exhaust system with one that has a larger diameter and less-restrictive mufflers, resulting in a louder, more aggressive exhaust note.

Leading manufacturers of cat-back exhaust systems for Toyota 4Runner include Magnaflow, Borla, and Flowmaster. Before making a purchase, check the installation guide to make sure it’s something you can do on your own or with the help of a professional.

Performance Chips and Tuners

A performance chip or tuner is an electronic device that alters your Toyota 4Runner’s engine control unit (ECU). This allows you to optimize your engine’s performance by adjusting factors such as fuel delivery, ignition timing and throttle response to better match your specific driving needs.

One of the key benefits of performance chips and tuners is that they enable you to improve your Toyota 4Runner’s throttle response. This means that your vehicle will be more responsive when you push on the accelerator, resulting in a more engaging driving experience.

There are many different performance chips and tuners on the market, with top picks including the Diablosport Trinity 2 EX, Bully Dog GT, and Superchips AMP’D.


Adding performance accessories to your Toyota 4Runner is an excellent way to get more out of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to boost your SUV’s power, efficiency, or just want to give it a more aggressive sound, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re unsure about which accessory is right for you, talk to a professional mechanic or automotive performance specialist who can give you expert advice and guidance in making the best decision.

Toyota 4Runner Accessories

If you’re the proud owner of a Toyota 4Runner, you know that it’s an incredibly reliable and durable vehicle that’s built to handle any terrain. But if you want to elevate your driving experience, there are plenty of accessories available to help you customize your 4Runner to your unique needs and preferences. In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 5 Toyota 4Runner accessories in detail, with a focus on the benefits they offer to off-road adventurers.

Electronics Accessories

When it comes to electronic accessories, there are plenty of options to choose from for your Toyota 4Runner. Some of the most popular options include GPS navigation systems, audio and sound systems, and remote start systems.

GPS Navigation Systems

One of the most useful electronic accessories for off-road drivers is a GPS navigation system. In particular, the Toyota 4Runner is a popular choice for off-road adventurers who want a vehicle with serious off-road capabilities. A GPS navigation system can be incredibly helpful in guiding you through remote areas where there may not be any visible landmarks or even roads.

Top picks for GPS navigation systems include the Garmin Overlander and the Magellan TRX7 CS. Both of these systems are popular among off-road enthusiasts for their user-friendly interfaces and rugged durability. They are also designed specifically for off-roading and come with features like preloaded topographic maps, satellite imagery, and high-resolution 3D terrain views.

The benefits of having a GPS navigation system for off-roading are clear. You can confidently explore remote areas without fear of getting lost. Plus, a GPS navigation system can help you discover new routes and trails that you may not have known about otherwise.

Audio and Sound Systems

Another popular electronics accessory for the Toyota 4Runner is an audio and sound system. Whether you love blasting your favorite music on long road trips or listening to podcasts while exploring new trails, a high-quality audio system can take your driving experience to the next level.

Top brands for audio and sound systems include JBL, Kenwood, and Pioneer. These brands are known for their high-quality sound, easy installation, and durability. They also offer a range of options, from full sound systems to individual speakers and subwoofers.

The benefits of having a great audio system in your Toyota 4Runner are clear. You can enjoy crystal-clear sound while driving, making your road trips and off-road adventures more enjoyable. Plus, a great audio system can help you stay alert and focused on the road while driving long distances.

Remote Start Systems

Finally, for those who value convenience and security, a remote start system is an excellent accessory to consider for your Toyota 4Runner. With a remote start system, you can start your vehicle from a distance, allowing it to warm up or cool down before you get in. This is especially useful during hot summers or cold winters when you want to avoid entering a sweltering or freezing vehicle.

Top brands for remote start systems include Compustar and Viper. These brands are known for their reliability, ease of use, and security features. When choosing a remote start system, it’s important to consider factors like range, compatibility with your vehicle, and installation requirements.

In summary, the benefits of having a remote start system for your Toyota 4Runner are clear. You can start your vehicle from a distance, making it more comfortable and convenient to drive. Plus, a remote start system can increase the security of your vehicle by preventing theft and vandalism.

In conclusion, there are plenty of accessories available for the Toyota 4Runner that can help you customize your vehicle to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you value convenience, comfort, or off-road capabilities, there’s an accessory out there for you. By exploring the top 5 Toyota 4Runner accessories in detail, you can make an informed decision about which accessories are right for you and your vehicle.

Thank You for Joining Our Adventure

We hope this list of must-have Toyota 4Runner accessories has inspired you to take on your next adventure with confidence and style. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, exploring rugged terrain, or just looking to upgrade your 4Runner, these accessories will help you get the most out of your vehicle. From roof racks to off-road lights, we’ve got you covered.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope you found it helpful and informative. Please visit us again for more tips, tricks, and recommendations on all things related to Toyota 4Runners and adventure. Stay safe and happy exploring!


1. Are these accessories compatible with all Toyota 4Runner models?

Yes, most of these accessories are compatible with all Toyota 4Runner models. However, we recommend double-checking with the manufacturer or your dealer before making a purchase.

2. Can I install these accessories myself?

In most cases, yes. These accessories are designed to be easy to install and come with detailed instructions. However, if you’re not comfortable with DIY installations, we recommend having a professional do it for you.

3. Are these accessories expensive?

The price range varies for each accessory. Some are affordable, while others are a bit pricier. However, we’ve included a mix of both budget-friendly and high-end options, so there’s something for every budget.

4. How do these accessories improve my off-roading experience?

These accessories can improve your off-roading experience by providing additional storage space, enhancing your vehicle’s performance, and increasing visibility in low-light conditions. They also add a personalized touch to your 4Runner.

5. Can I use these accessories for everyday driving?

Absolutely! These accessories aren’t just useful for off-roading or camping trips. They can also be used for everyday driving, providing added convenience and style to your vehicle.

6. How do I know which accessories to choose for my specific needs?

Consider your personal needs and preferences when choosing accessories for your 4Runner. Think about the type of terrain you’ll be driving on, the amount of storage space you’ll need, and your budget.

7. Are there any downsides to using these accessories?

While these accessories offer a lot of benefits, they can sometimes add extra weight to your vehicle, which can affect fuel efficiency and handling. Make sure to consider these factors before making a purchase.

8. Do these accessories require any maintenance?

Most accessories require little to no maintenance. However, it’s important to regularly check for any signs of wear and tear, and to clean them as needed.

9. Can I remove these accessories if I don’t need them anymore?

Yes, these accessories can be easily removed if you no longer need them or want to switch to a different accessory. However, keep in mind that some accessories may leave behind marks or require new mounting brackets if they’ve been used for a long time.

10. Where can I purchase these accessories?

You can find these accessories online or at your local Toyota dealer. Make sure to do your research and compare prices before making a purchase.