The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Mercedes Sprinter Van

Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Mercedes Sprinter Van! If you are the proud owner of a Mercedes Sprinter, then we know how important it is to make sure your van is everything you want it to be. There are many benefits to customizing your Sprinter van, such as increased comfort, added personal touches, and even greater functionality for your specific needs. Whatever your vision is for your van, this guide will help you take your ideas from dream to reality.

Customizing Your Mercedes Sprinter Van

When you think of customizing your Sprinter van, you might imagine a high-budget project that requires the help of a professional mechanic or designer. However, there are many simple modifications you can make on your own that can have a big impact on the look and feel of your van. From window tinting and adding a roof rack, to installing interior lighting and investing in comfortable seating, there are countless ways to fit your van to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to make your van feel like home or you want to take your outdoor adventures to the next level, this guide is here to help you create the perfect customized Sprinter van.

Introduction to Mercedes Sprinters

The Mercedes Sprinter may just be one of the most versatile vehicles in the market today. From hauling cargo to serving as a camper van, the Sprinter has become a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this remarkable vehicle.

Definition of a Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter is a line of commercial vehicles that were first introduced in 1995. Developed by Mercedes-Benz as a replacement for the T1 van, the Sprinter offers a range of configurations that can accommodate different types of cargo and passenger loads. The name Sprinter comes from its ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just a few seconds.

Today, Mercedes Sprinters come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from cargo, passenger, and crew van configurations. The Cargo version is ideal for hauling cargo, while the Passenger version can seat up to 12 people comfortably. The Crew version, on the other hand, is a combination of the two, providing enough space for cargo and passengers.

Overview of History of Mercedes Sprinters

Mercedes Sprinters have been around for more than two decades. The first generation was introduced in 1995 and was in production until 2006. The second generation was introduced in 2006 and is still in production today.

The first generation Sprinter was launched as a Mercedes-Benz and then later rebadged for Dodge and Freightliner. The second generation saw the addition of a few extra features, such as a more aerodynamic design and an improved suspension system.

Mercedes Sprinters have come a long way since their inception, and the vehicle’s popularity has continued to grow over time. The Sprinter has been used for a variety of purposes, from delivering packages to serving as a mobile showroom.

General Specifications for Mercedes Sprinters

Mercedes Sprinters are built with versatility in mind. Here are some general specifications that you can expect from a Sprinter:

• Most Sprinter models come equipped with a V6 Turbo Diesel engine that can produce up to 188 horsepower.
• The cargo van version of the Sprinter has a maximum payload capacity of up to 5,400 pounds.
• The passenger van version of the Sprinter can comfortably seat up to 12 passengers.
• Most Sprinter models come equipped with a 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission.

In conclusion, the Mercedes Sprinter is a remarkable vehicle that can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. From its impressive performance to its exceptional versatility, the Sprinter has proven to be a reliable and efficient workhorse. Now that you know more about the vehicle, you can make an informed decision when shopping for your next van.

Benefits of Owning a Mercedes Sprinter

When it comes to commercial vehicles, the Mercedes Sprinter is one of the top choices in the market today. It’s a versatile vehicle that comes with many benefits, from reliability to comfort, utility and more. If you’re considering investing in a Mercedes Sprinter, here are some reasons why it’s worth the investment.


One of the key benefits of owning a Mercedes Sprinter is its reliability. These vehicles are built with high-quality materials and are designed to last for years to come. Mercedes-Benz is known for its engineering excellence, and that quality is evident in each and every Sprinter produced. Whether you need a vehicle for transporting cargo or passengers, you can rely on a Sprinter to get the job done safely and efficiently.

In fact, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has one of the best safety records in its class. It’s equipped with features like electronic stability control, lane departure warning, and crosswind assist, to name just a few. These features help keep you and your passengers safe on the road, no matter what the conditions.

Cost Efficiency

Another benefit of owning a Sprinter is its cost efficiency. Despite its initial cost, a Sprinter can save you money in the long run thanks to its fuel efficiency. The latest models are equipped with fuel-efficient engines that deliver impressive gas mileage, making it a cost-effective option for businesses that need to cover a lot of miles.

What’s more, maintenance costs for the Sprinter are also relatively low. Mercedes-Benz has established a reputation for producing vehicles that require minimal maintenance and repairs, and the Sprinter is no exception. With regular servicing, this vehicle can last for many years, reducing your long-term costs.

Customization Options Available

The Sprinter is highly customizable, allowing you to choose the features and fittings you need to suit your business or personal requirements. There are plenty of options available when it comes to customization, including seating configuration, cargo capacity, and interior amenities.

When you work with a reputable dealership like Mercedes-Benz, you can customize your Sprinter to meet the exact specifications you need, ensuring that it provides the ideal solution for your needs.


Comfort is a crucial factor when it comes to commercial vehicles, as it can impact the health and wellbeing of drivers and passengers alike. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter is designed with comfort in mind, making it an excellent choice for long journeys.

Seating Capacity

The Sprinter boasts a spacious and comfortable cabin, which can accommodate a range of seating configurations to meet your needs. Whether you need room for a large group of passengers or a smaller team of workers, you can find a seating plan that works for you.

Interior Amenities

The interior of the Sprinter is also designed with comfort in mind. You can choose from a range of features to make your cabin more comfortable and convenient, including air conditioning, ventilation systems, and entertainment options. With the right customization, your Sprinter can create a comfortable traveling space for your passengers or team.


The Sprinter is a highly versatile vehicle that can help you get the job done, no matter what your needs are.

Cargo Capacity

One of the key benefits of this vehicle is its impressive cargo capacity. The cargo area is designed with high ceilings and easy access, making it a breeze to load and unload your goods. It’s also possible to customize the layout and storage options to meet your needs, which makes it a great option for a variety of industries, including delivery, transportation, and construction.

Towing Capabilities

In addition to its impressive cargo space, the Sprinter also has excellent towing capabilities. With a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, it’s possible to haul equipment, trailers, and other heavy loads with ease.

Off-Road Capabilities

Finally, the Sprinter has impressive off-road capabilities, making it a great option for businesses that need to travel on rough terrain. It’s equipped with features like four-wheel drive, a reinforced frame, and skid plates, which help it to navigate a variety of environments with ease.

In conclusion, the Mercedes Sprinter is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and versatile vehicle that can meet a range of needs. Whether you need a vehicle for transporting goods or people, the Sprinter is an excellent choice that offers both comfort and utility.

Customizing a Mercedes Sprinter

When it comes to mobility, the Mercedes Sprinter is a top pick for people from all walks of life. It is not just popular for its maneuverability and utility but also for its sophisticated design. It is a solid vehicle that could serve as a van for transportation, a recreational vehicle for relaxation, or an office on wheels for businesses. More than just its functionality, this van can also be customized to your preferences. Here are some customization options to choose from:


The interiors of a Mercedes Sprinter can be designed to create a comforting and convenient space. This customization is not just about aesthetics but it also involves comfort, functionality, and safety. Here are some interior customization options to consider:

Flooring Options

One of the most important aspects of the interior design is the flooring of the Mercedes Sprinter. There are various flooring options available, including vinyl, carpet, tiles, and even wood. With various texture and color options, you can personalize it to your desired look and feel. Additionally, there are also options that offer easy cleaning and maintenance or that are durable for rugged use.

Seating Options

Seating options are also a crucial aspect, since you will likely spend time sitting inside the van. For passenger vans, you can choose between bench seats or captain’s chairs, or opt for swivel chairs that you can turn in any direction. For Sprinters used for work or business purposes, custom seats can be fitted to include adjusting knobs, lumbar support, and heating features.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets offer practicality and convenience for storing your belongings while on the road. Cabinets can be built to suit your needs, with options for shelving, drawers, and compartments, and can be made from varying materials, such as wood, metal, or vinyl wrapping. You can also customize its design to fit your preferred aesthetic.


The exteriors of a Mercedes Sprinter are equally important as the interiors. Customizing the exterior of the van can make it stand out and reflect your personality or the brand of your business. Here are some options to consider:

Paint and Design Options

The first and most apparent customization option for the exterior is paint and design. You can change the color to a shade that better represents your style, or design it with graphics that make it stand out. You can also incorporate your business’ logo or marketing campaign.

Roof Racks and Ladders

Roof racks and ladders provide more storage options for luggage, sports gear, or tools. They can be customized on the size and style you need, and they can be made from different materials for durability and strength. The ladder options can be manual or automated for convenience, and it can be fitted with non-slip or grip handles for safety.

Custom Windows

Standard windows on a Mercedes Sprinter do not just offer the best views during transit, but also provide ventilation and natural lighting. Custom windows can be added to enhance the van’s look and functionality. These can range from tinted windows for privacy and UV protection or larger windows for better views. Windows can also be designed with compartments or sliding doors for additional storage.


Technology customization options are an excellent way to make your Mercedes Sprinter stand out. You can add features for entertainment, security, and convenience, making the van more functional for business or recreational purposes.

Audio and Visual Systems

The latest audio and visual systems make traveling more entertaining, and it can also help you create a relaxing atmosphere. You can add technologies such as a sound system, a monitor or TV, and audiovisual harmony to give you an immersive and more comfortable travel experience.

Security Systems

Security systems are necessary for your peace of mind when you leave your Mercedes Sprinter unattended. You can install features like a remote alarm, GPS tracking, sensors, and video surveillance to help you protect your van and its contents. Some systems can even send notifications to your phone or emergency responders when an unauthorized attempt is made to access your vehicle.

Wireless Internet and Communications Systems

Wireless internet and communication systems are essential for business operations or staying in touch with family. You can install satellite or Wi-Fi antennas, broadband, and cellular antlers for connectivity. Additionally, you can also install communication systems like radios, satellite phones for seamless communication while on the road.

In conclusion, personalizing your Mercedes Sprinter to match your personality or business needs is an excellent investment. Customizing the interiors, exteriors, and technology options can make it more functional, comfortable and unique. With a wide array of customization options, you can turn your Mercedes Sprinter into a luxurious and sophisticated workhorse.

Safety Features of Mercedes Sprinters

If you are looking for a van that prioritizes safety, the Mercedes Sprinter is definitely worth considering. Not only is it equipped with plenty of advanced safety features, but it has also earned high marks in crash tests conducted by various organizations. Let’s take a closer look at the safety features of Mercedes Sprinters under three different categories.

Driver Assistance Features

Mercedes Sprinters are packed with driver assistance features that can help reduce the risk of accidents, especially during long drives.

One of the most notable features is the Adaptive Cruise Control, which adjusts the speed of the van automatically, depending on the traffic flow. If the vehicle in front of the Sprinter slows down, so will the Sprinter. This feature can help prevent rear-end collisions.

Blind Spot Monitoring is another driver assistance feature that’s quite useful, especially during lane changes. The system alerts the driver with visual and audio warnings if there’s a vehicle in the Sprinter’s blind spot.

Collision Prevention Assist is yet another driver assistance feature that comes standard on many new Mercedes Sprinters. It can warn the driver of impending collisions and even apply emergency braking if necessary.

Passenger Safety Features

In addition to the driver assistance features, the Mercedes Sprinter has plenty of safety features that can protect passengers in case of an accident.

Airbags come standard on all Sprinters, including front airbags, side airbags, and thorax airbags. The number of airbags depends on the model and configuration of the van.

Seat Belts are another standard safety feature that all passengers in a Mercedes Sprinter should use. All seats in a Sprinter come with three-point seat belts that help restrain passengers in case of a collision.

Emergency Exit Features are also an important safety feature of the Mercedes Sprinter. In case of an accident, passengers can quickly and easily exit the vehicle through the emergency exit door located at the back of the van.

Other Safety Features

Apart from these, the Mercedes Sprinter comes with several other safety features that add to its overall safety rating.

Tire Pressure Monitoring is one such feature that can alert the driver if the tire pressure in any of the tires falls below a certain level. Proper tire pressure is important for safe handling and can also improve fuel efficiency.

Rear View Camera comes standard on all new Mercedes Sprinters. The camera can provide drivers with a clear view of the area behind the van, helping to avoid collisions while backing up.

Anti-Lock Braking System is yet another safety feature that can help prevent skidding and loss of control during sudden stops or emergency braking.

In conclusion, the Mercedes Sprinter is designed with safety in mind. Its advanced driver assistance features, passenger safety features, and other safety features make it an excellent choice for those who want a spacious and reliable van that puts the safety of its passengers first. What’s more, these features come standard on most new models, making them an even better value.

Maintenance and Care for Mercedes Sprinters

If you own a Mercedes Sprinter, regular maintenance and care are essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly and maximize its lifespan. Here are some tips for taking care of your Sprinter van:

Frequent Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your Mercedes Sprinter in top condition. Here are some of the essential maintenance tasks you should perform:

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are necessary to keep your engine lubricated, prevent damage and ensure optimal performance. Your Sprinter’s owner’s manual should indicate how frequently you should change the oil. You can also consult with a qualified mechanic or dealer for more specific recommendations.

Tire Care

Your Sprinter’s tires are essential components that impact your vehicle’s stability, handling, and safety. You should regularly inspect your tires for signs of wear, check their pressure, and rotate them periodically. Proper tire care will help prevent blowouts and prolong your tire’s lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Brake System Maintenance

The brakes are one of the most critical safety systems for any vehicle, and your Mercedes Sprinter is no exception. It would be best to have your brake system checked periodically and serviced if necessary. Don’t ignore any strange noises or vibrations when braking, as this may indicate a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Long-Term Care

If you plan to keep your Mercedes Sprinter for several years, long-term care is crucial to ensure its longevity and maintain its value. Here are some tips for caring for your Sprinter in the long run:

Interior and Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning your Sprinter’s interior and exterior regularly will help prevent dirt and grime from accumulating and causing damage. You should regularly vacuum the interior, wipe down surfaces, and clean the windows. Don’t forget to wash the exterior regularly to remove any grime, bird droppings, or other debris that may cause damage to your Sprinter’s paint job.

Winter Storage

Winter weather can be harsh on your Sprinter, so it’s essential to take extra care if you plan to store it during the winter months. Make sure to park it in a clean, dry and secure location, and protect it with a car cover to prevent any damage from snow, ice, or salt. It would also be best to prepare the vehicle properly for storage, such as using a fuel stabilizer, disconnecting the battery, and keeping the tires inflated.

Restoration and Refurbishment Services

If you want to keep your Sprinter looking and running like new over the long term, it’s worth considering restoration and refurbishment services. These services can help restore your Sprinter to its former glory by repairing any damage, replacing worn-out components, and giving it a fresh coat of paint. While these services can be expensive, they’re a worthwhile investment if you plan on keeping your Sprinter for many years.

In summary, proper maintenance and care for your Mercedes Sprinter are crucial to keep it running smoothly and looking great over the long term. Whether you perform regular maintenance tasks yourself or take your Sprinter to a qualified mechanic, investing in your vehicle’s care will pay off in the long run. So, take care of your Sprinter, and it will take care of you for many years to come.

Thanks for Joining Us on Your Mercedes Sprinter Customization Journey

We hope this ultimate guide has given you all the inspiration and practical advice you need to create your dream Sprinter van. Whether you’re heading off on a long-term road trip, starting a mobile business, or simply looking to upgrade your camping experience, a customized Mercedes Sprinter is the perfect vehicle for the job. Remember, the key to successful customization is to take your time, plan carefully, and above all else, have fun with the process. So, thank you for reading, and we can’t wait to see what incredible Sprinter creations you come up with next.


1. Can I paint my Mercedes Sprinter in a custom color?

Absolutely! While many Sprinters come in standard colors, you can paint your Sprinter any color you like. Just make sure to choose high-quality paint designed specifically for use on vehicles.

2. How much does it cost to customize a Mercedes Sprinter van?

The cost of customizing a Sprinter varies greatly, depending on the scope of the project. Minor upgrades like window tinting, a new audio system, or seat covers could cost a few hundred dollars, while full-scale conversions can cost tens of thousands. Plan your budget carefully to avoid overspending.

3. Can I add solar panels to my Sprinter?

Yes, many Sprinter owners add solar panels to their vans to generate power for appliances and devices. Make sure to consult with a professional installer to ensure proper wiring and function.

4. Is it difficult to install a bathroom in a Sprinter?

Installing a bathroom in a Sprinter can be challenging. It’s important to ensure proper ventilation, plumbing, and drainage to avoid water damage or odors.

5. How can I improve the fuel efficiency of my Sprinter van?

You can improve fuel efficiency by keeping your tires properly inflated, driving at moderate speeds, and avoiding idling. Upgrades like aerodynamic roof rafts and engine tuners can also help boost fuel economy.

6. Can I install a kitchen in my Sprinter?

Yes, many Sprinter owners install kitchens with appliances like stoves, sinks, and refrigerators. Make sure to choose compact, efficient appliances designed specifically for use in small spaces.

7. How can I add more storage space to my Sprinter?

You can add more storage with things like overhead shelves, under-bed compartments, and custom cabinetry. Carefully consider your needs and the available space before starting your project.

8. Can I customize the exterior of my Sprinter van?

Yes, you can customize the exterior of your Sprinter van with things like custom paint, window tinting, and body accessories like roof racks or bumpers.

9. Is it possible to add a second story to my Sprinter?

While technically possible, adding a second story to a Sprinter is a complex and expensive undertaking that requires professional engineering and design.

10. Can I add a wheelchair lift to my Sprinter?

Yes, you can add a wheelchair lift to your Sprinter to make it more accessible. Make sure to choose a lift that is compatible with your Sprinter’s size and weight capacity, and have it professionally installed.