The Ultimate Guide to the Luxurious 2016 BMW 535i: Unleash the Power and Elegance

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the luxurious 2016 BMW 535i! If you are a fan of power, elegance, and all things refined, then you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll delve into the stunning features and impressive capabilities that make this car a true standout in its class. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed as we take you on a journey through the world of the 2016 BMW 535i.

Ultimate Guide BMW 535i

The 2016 BMW 535i is the epitome of luxury and performance. It combines a sleek and elegant exterior design with a powerful engine and advanced technology, offering an unparalleled driving experience. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this vehicle is sure to impress.

Introduction to the 2016 BMW 535i

The 2016 BMW 535i is a luxury sedan that combines elegant design, powerful performance, and advanced technology to provide an exceptional driving experience. With its sleek looks and impressive features, the 535i stands out in the competitive luxury car market.

Overview of the 2016 BMW 535i

The 2016 BMW 535i is part of the sixth generation of the BMW 5 Series, which was introduced in 2010. It offers a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and sportiness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both style and performance.

This sedan boasts a powerful 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline-six engine, delivering 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, providing smooth and precise gear shifts. Additionally, the 535i comes with rear-wheel drive as standard, but BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system is available for enhanced traction and stability.

The 2016 BMW 535i features dynamic handling thanks to its responsive Adaptive Drive system, which adjusts the suspension and damping to suit various driving conditions. It also offers excellent fuel efficiency, with an EPA-estimated 20 city and 31 highway MPG rating.


When it comes to performance, the 2016 BMW 535i does not disappoint. Its 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline-six engine delivers impressive acceleration, allowing the sedan to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds. The engine’s turbocharger technology ensures smooth power delivery and optimal performance in any driving situation.

The 535i is equipped with BMW’s renowned Driving Dynamics Control system, which allows the driver to choose from several different driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Eco Pro. These modes adjust the throttle response, transmission shift points, and suspension settings to provide the desired driving experience.

Furthermore, the 535i features precise and responsive handling, thanks to its well-tuned suspension and advanced electronic stability control system. Whether cruising on the highway or tackling tight corners, this sedan delivers a dynamic and engaging driving experience.

Design and Interior

With its sleek and elegant design, the 2016 BMW 535i is a head-turner on the road. Its aerodynamic profile, sculpted lines, and iconic kidney grille give it a sophisticated and sporty appearance. The sedan also features LED headlights and taillights, further enhancing its modern and luxurious look.

Inside the cabin, the 535i offers a spacious and comfortable environment. With its premium materials and craftsmanship, the interior exudes luxury. The front seats provide excellent support and comfort, and they are available with heating, ventilation, and massage functions.

The 535i can accommodate five passengers, with ample legroom and headroom for both front and rear occupants. The rear seats can be folded down in a 40/20/40 split to expand the trunk space, making it versatile for carrying larger items.

As for technology, the 535i comes with BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, which includes a 10.2-inch touchscreen display, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium sound system. The sedan is also equipped with advanced safety features, such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

In conclusion, the 2016 BMW 535i offers a winning combination of performance, design, and luxury. With its powerful engine, agile handling, and upscale features, this sedan continues to uphold BMW’s reputation for excellence in the luxury car segment.

Technological Advancements

In the realm of technological advancements, the 2016 BMW 535i holds its ground with an impressive array of features that enhance the driving experience. From its outstanding infotainment system to its advanced safety features and driver assistance systems, the 535i is designed to provide unparalleled convenience, connectivity, and security.

Infotainment System

The infotainment system of the 2016 BMW 535i is a true testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence. With its intuitive interface and a wide range of features, it takes the driving experience to a whole new level. The system is equipped with a high-resolution display that presents crisp graphics and vibrant colors, making it easy for the driver to access and control various functions.

One of the standout features of the infotainment system is the high-quality audio system. With its powerful speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin, it delivers an immersive listening experience, bringing music to life with exceptional clarity and richness.

Furthermore, the 535i is packed with connectivity options, ensuring that drivers and passengers are always connected to the world around them. The system supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for easy pairing of smartphones and other compatible devices. With this feature, users can effortlessly make hands-free calls, stream music, and even access their favorite applications on the go.

Advanced Safety Features

When it comes to safety, the 2016 BMW 535i leaves no stone unturned. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features, it provides drivers with peace of mind on the road.

One such feature is the lane departure warning system, which uses advanced sensors to monitor the vehicle’s position on the road. If the system detects any unintended drifting, it alerts the driver through visual and audible warnings, urging them to take corrective action.

Another notable safety feature is the adaptive cruise control system. This intelligent system maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, automatically adjusting the cruising speed to match the flow of traffic. It enhances convenience during long journeys and reduces the risk of rear-end collisions.

The 535i also incorporates automatic emergency braking, which uses a combination of radar and camera technology to detect potential collisions. In the event of an imminent collision, the system alerts the driver and, if necessary, applies the brakes automatically to mitigate or prevent the impact.

Driver Assistance Systems

To further enhance the driving experience, the 2016 BMW 535i comes equipped with an array of driver assistance systems that offer unmatched convenience and support.

Parking assist is one of the standout features in this category. With its advanced sensors and cameras, the system assists in parking by providing visual and audible cues to help the driver navigate and maneuver into tight spaces with ease.

Blind spot monitoring is another useful driver assistance system. It uses sensors to monitor the blind spots and alerts the driver if there are vehicles in adjacent lanes. This feature adds an extra layer of safety when changing lanes or merging onto highways.

Additionally, the 535i is equipped with a rearview camera that provides a clear and wide-angle view of the area behind the vehicle. This invaluable feature aids in parking and reversing, making it easier to avoid obstacles and ensure pedestrian safety.

In conclusion, the 2016 BMW 535i impresses not only with its luxurious design and powerful performance but also with its technologically advanced features. From the seamless infotainment system to the wide range of advanced safety features and driver assistance systems, the 535i sets a high standard in terms of convenience, connectivity, and security. Whether on a long road trip or navigating through busy city streets, this exceptional vehicle ensures a truly immersive and safe driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact

The fuel efficiency and environmental impact of the 2016 BMW 535i is an important aspect to consider when evaluating the performance and sustainability of this luxury sedan. In this subsection, we will take a closer look at the engine efficiency, environmental impact, and alternative fuel options of the BMW 535i.

Engine Efficiency

When it comes to engine efficiency, the 2016 BMW 535i showcases impressive fuel economy ratings and incorporates eco-friendly technologies. The car is equipped with a 3.0-liter inline-six engine that delivers a dynamic performance while maintaining a good balance between power and efficiency.

The engine is designed with efficiency in mind, featuring technologies such as direct fuel injection and variable valve timing. These advancements optimize fuel delivery and improve combustion, resulting in better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Furthermore, the BMW 535i utilizes an eight-speed automatic transmission that enhances the engine’s efficiency by providing smooth gear shifts and optimizing performance at different speeds.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of a vehicle is closely tied to its carbon emissions. In the case of the 2016 BMW 535i, the carbon emissions are within an acceptable range for a luxury sedan of its class.

BMW has made conscious efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles. The 535i features eco-friendly features such as start-stop technology, which automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle is stationary, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Once the driver releases the brake pedal, the engine smoothly starts up again.

Additionally, the BMW 535i employs regenerative braking technology. This system recovers kinetic energy while braking and converts it into electrical energy, storing it in the vehicle’s battery. This energy can then be reused to power various electrical components, reducing the strain on the engine and saving fuel in the process.

Alternative Fuel Options

While the 2016 BMW 535i does not offer hybrid or electric models in its lineup, BMW does have a range of alternative fuel options available in other models. For those seeking a more eco-friendly BMW experience, models such as the BMW i3 or the BMW 530e plug-in hybrid provide sustainable solutions.

The BMW i3 is a fully electric vehicle that produces zero tailpipe emissions, offering a clean and efficient driving experience. The BMW 530e, on the other hand, combines a combustion engine with an electric motor, providing a balance between performance and electric driving range.

By expanding their alternative fuel options, BMW aims to promote greener mobility and reduce the overall environmental impact of their vehicles.

In conclusion, the 2016 BMW 535i demonstrates commendable fuel efficiency and incorporates eco-friendly technologies to reduce its environmental impact. While it may not offer alternative fuel options within its specific model range, BMW as a brand offers a variety of hybrid and electric vehicles for those seeking a greener driving experience.

Ownership and Maintenance

When it comes to owning a 2016 BMW 535i, it is important to consider not only the initial purchase price, but also the ongoing costs of ownership. This includes factors such as insurance, maintenance, and depreciation.

Cost of Ownership

One of the key aspects of owning any vehicle is the cost of insurance. The 2016 BMW 535i, being a luxury vehicle, typically comes with higher insurance premiums compared to standard sedans. This is due to factors such as the vehicle’s higher value, increased risk of theft, and potentially higher repair costs.

In addition to insurance, maintenance costs should also be taken into consideration. BMWs are known for their performance and engineering, but this level of quality also comes with higher maintenance expenses. Routine services, such as oil changes and tire rotations, may cost slightly more due to the specialized materials and expertise required.

While luxury vehicles like the 2016 BMW 535i tend to depreciate at a slower rate compared to economy cars, depreciation should still be considered. It is important to be aware that the value of the vehicle will decrease over time, which may affect its resale or trade-in value in the future.

Maintenance Schedule

Adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule for the 2016 BMW 535i is crucial to keep the vehicle in optimal condition. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines ensures that all necessary maintenance tasks are performed at the appropriate intervals.

The maintenance schedule for the 2016 BMW 535i typically includes regular service intervals, which may vary based on factors such as mileage and operating conditions. Key maintenance tasks can include oil changes, air filter replacement, spark plug replacement, and fluid checks and changes.

It is important to note that BMW offers a complimentary maintenance program for the first four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. This program covers scheduled maintenance services, such as engine oil services, brake fluid services, and vehicle inspections. This can help alleviate some of the maintenance costs during the initial ownership period.

Warranty Coverage

When purchasing a 2016 BMW 535i, understanding the warranty coverage is essential. BMW offers a comprehensive warranty package for its vehicles, providing peace of mind and protection for various components.

The basic warranty for the 2016 BMW 535i typically covers the vehicle for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty protects against defects in materials or workmanship and includes repairs or replacements at no cost to the owner.

In addition to the basic warranty, BMW also offers extended warranty options that can provide coverage beyond the initial warranty period. These extended warranties can help protect against unexpected repairs and offer additional benefits such as roadside assistance.

It is important to review the specific warranty details and limitations, as coverage can vary based on factors such as the vehicle’s age, mileage, and previous ownership history.

In conclusion, owning a 2016 BMW 535i comes with various costs and responsibilities. Considering the cost of ownership, following the recommended maintenance schedule, and understanding the warranty coverage are all essential aspects of maintaining and enjoying this luxury vehicle.


Summary of the 2016 BMW 535i

After exploring the various aspects of the 2016 BMW 535i, it is clear that this luxury sedan offers a combination of style, performance, and advanced features. From its sleek design to its powerful engine, the 535i showcases the renowned craftsmanship and engineering excellence that BMW is known for.

Exterior Design

The exterior design of the 2016 BMW 535i is a perfect blend of elegance and sportiness. The sleek and streamlined profile of this sedan creates a visually appealing look, while the distinctive kidney grille and LED headlights add a touch of sophistication. The aerodynamic lines not only enhance the car’s aesthetics but also improve its overall performance and fuel efficiency.

Comfort and Interior

Step inside the cabin of the 2016 BMW 535i, and you’ll be greeted with a truly luxurious experience. The high-quality materials, including premium leather upholstery and wood trims, create an upscale ambiance. The seats are well-designed and offer excellent support, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride even during long journeys. The interior is spacious, providing ample legroom and headroom for both the driver and passengers.


The 2016 BMW 535i is equipped with a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine that delivers impressive performance. With 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque, this sedan can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds. The smooth and responsive eight-speed automatic transmission further enhances the driving dynamics, providing seamless gear shifts and precise control.

Technology and Safety

BMW has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovative technology, and the 2016 535i is no exception. It is equipped with a wide range of advanced features, including the iDrive infotainment system, which offers intuitive controls and seamless connectivity. The navigation system ensures that you never get lost, and the driver assistance features such as blind-spot monitoring and forward collision warning provide an extra layer of safety.

Fuel Efficiency

In today’s environmentally conscious world, fuel efficiency is an important factor to consider. The 2016 BMW 535i delivers respectable fuel economy figures, with an estimated 20 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. This means that you can enjoy the performance and luxury of this sedan without compromising on fuel consumption.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the 2016 BMW 535i is a remarkable luxury sedan that ticks all the boxes. With its stunning design, comfortable interior, powerful performance, advanced technology, and decent fuel efficiency, it offers an exceptional driving experience. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting or going on a road trip, the 535i will not disappoint. So, if you’re in the market for a premium sedan that combines style, comfort, and performance, look no further than the 2016 BMW 535i.

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1. What is the horsepower of the 2016 BMW 535i?

The 2016 BMW 535i boasts a impressive horsepower rating of 302, thanks to its 3.0L twin-turbocharged inline-6 engine.

2. What is the top speed of the 2016 BMW 535i?

The top speed of the 2016 BMW 535i is electronically limited to 130 mph (209 km/h), ensuring a safe and controlled driving experience.

3. Does the 2016 BMW 535i have all-wheel drive?

Yes, the 2016 BMW 535i is available with xDrive, BMW’s intelligent all-wheel drive system, providing enhanced traction and stability in various road conditions.

4. What is the fuel efficiency of the 2016 BMW 535i?

The 2016 BMW 535i achieves an estimated fuel efficiency of 20 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway, making it a practical and economical choice.

5. What are the key safety features of the 2016 BMW 535i?

The 2016 BMW 535i is equipped with an array of advanced safety features, including anti-lock braking system (ABS), stability control, front and rear parking sensors, and a comprehensive airbag system.

6. Does the 2016 BMW 535i offer advanced technology features?

Yes, the 2016 BMW 535i includes cutting-edge technology, such as a navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, a premium sound system, and a user-friendly infotainment interface.

7. How many passengers can the 2016 BMW 535i accommodate?

The 2016 BMW 535i provides ample seating for up to five passengers, ensuring a comfortable journey for both the driver and their companions.

8. Is the 2016 BMW 535i known for its luxurious interior?

Absolutely. The 2016 BMW 535i offers a premium interior with high-quality materials, luxurious comfort features, and a modern design, creating a truly sophisticated driving experience.

9. Can I customize the look of the 2016 BMW 535i?

Yes, BMW offers a range of optional packages and individual options to personalize the exterior and interior of the 2016 BMW 535i, allowing you to create a vehicle that suits your unique style.

10. What sets the 2016 BMW 535i apart from its competitors?

The 2016 BMW 535i sets itself apart from its competitors with its exceptional performance, elegant design, top-notch craftsmanship, and innovative technology, making it a standout option in its class.